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"Your Technology Partner"

Do You Need More than Just Repairs, like grow your business?

Leader Computer Consultants, LLC is a full-service consulting and system integration company, specializing in technology design, plan, implement and support as Your Technology Partner. With more than 30 years experience in IT and business, we have been LEADing our clients to business automation and high profitability through cutting-edge advancements in computer-based technology.

Through detailed analysis and consultation, we will design an IT system tailored to your individual needs. Our highly trained experts, intuitive technicians and supportive staff form a complete team of professionals dedicated to maximizing performance and turning your computer investments into profit.

Whether it is to start a new relationship as your dedicated IT support company or to just consult with us on any of your current or upcoming projects with your current IT personnel, we are available as an extra pair of eyes on any of your projects.

What you should know. . .

Since the success of your business is essential to us, we would like to provide you with a small list of questions that will start you on the track to a more reliable and profitable system. The goal is to make sure the simplest safeguards for your IT system are implemented properly.

We hope you find these questions beneficial and thought provoking. Whether they lead to more questions  or concerns or not, we invite you to call us at (888) 886-1464 for a NO-COST consultation. We are confident our thorough consultation will be invaluable in showing you our deep commitment to become Your Technology Partner and help Grow Your Business.

Security Issues

Are you protected from hackers, and other internet based computer attacks?


Do you know if your AntiVirus is working properly on all workstations?

bullet Are you properly protected against Malware such as Spyware, Spam, Pop-Ups and other modern threats?

Are you informed of lapses in security?

Redundancy (Backup) Issues

Can your computer systems withstand a crisis and do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan or better yet a Business Continuity Plan ?


Do you know if your daily backups are successful?


Do you have an image of each computer system in your office for quick recovery by your onsite staff instead of a days work by expensive technicians?

Service Quality Issues

Do you have a service contract with properly designed recovery procedures where, in case of a disaster, you can be up and running within a few hours?


Does your technology partner provide remote, as well as on-site, diagnostics and maintenance? ---- to service you without an expensive and time consuming on-site visit?

Consulting Issues

Do you currently have just a computer technician or a Technology Partner who keeps you informed of new technologies that would make your IT systems a more efficient and profitable business investment?


Are you utilizing your current computer system to its fullest potential to reduce costs, increase profits and serve your customers better?


Client Testimonials.

"...value tremendously this WIN/WIN business relationship between our two companies... strongly recommend Leader Computer to all businesses who desire quality, reliable, trustworthy, and long-lasting computer services..."
DT, President, PII

"...after weeks of aggravation and service calls, our previous consultants told us we needed additional hardware and software... even after that we had more problems... We called Leader Computer in near panic and they responded immediately. In just a few hours they had our system up and running smoothly... ...confident that they have the technical knowledge and customer service to effectively support our business..."
RR, President, RRR

"...we got a lot of talk and less cooperation from our prior consultants... Leader's work during the recent holiday weekend only proved and substantiated what they stated they would do for our company..."
RT, President, PEGS

"...I have been using computers for many years ... I have to say from initial consultation to round the clock support, I have never seen such vast amount of expertise, professionalism and knowledge in one source. I highly recommend Leader Computer to anyone looking for top-notch support in automating and supporting their businesses..."
CD, CD, M.D., F.A.A.C.E.

“..we have had 3-4 different computer service companies here to service the computers. None have been as prompt, as courteous, and as thorough. Technician… (ed) is the consummate professional and generous with his expertise by sharing “tips” on how I can more efficiently utilize the operations of Windows XP, and thoroughly explaining what he is doing and why. He gives 100% service by using “waiting time” when loading a new program to work on another unit or to explain a process to me. Thank you again. Truly your company is well named, because in my book you are definitely a “LEADER” in every sense of the word.”
LT, Manager, S. Estate

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