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Client Benefits

Here are some items of interest as to how we setup a computing environment to maximize your productivity and efficiency and at the same time deliver reliable and fault tolerant computer systems.

  • HELP AVAILABLE ALL DAY when you sign up with our 24x7 Service.  Always a live operator available during business hours.
  • 4 HR. RESPONSE ON SITE SERVICE available. If you need so, we setup your computer systems where any client computer can be up and running within 4 hours after most failures.
  • REMOTE HELP and DIAGNOSTICS with REPAIR capability. We will be only a phone call away to connect to your computer for diagnostics or hand holding to answer your questions or repair some problems.
  • BACKUP data automatically and send status reports whether backup succeeded or failed or if operator attention needed to your IT Department and to our offices.
  • VIRUS protection; automatic daily downloads and updates to all clients run automatically and send any virus activity reports to your IT Department and to our offices.
  • HACKER protection; setup your network to protect from hackers, and other internet based computer attacks and setup monitoring services and send status reports to your IT Department and to our offices to inform us all of any malicious activities against your business.
  • DIAGNOSTICS, REPAIR and AUTOMATIC MAINTENANCE tools installed and configured thoroughly. We monitor your system and keep it updated with latest security and other patches.
  • FAULT TOLERANCE to prevent business stoppage due to any major failure. If you have a mission critical business and  you can not allow any system down time at all, we can implement redundant hardware technology on your critical units at very economical prices.
  • CUSTOMIZE PROGRAMS you will be using to fit your business needs.
  • ON SITE TRAINING with the actual programs you will be using and train key personnel in certain areas to make your business as self sufficient as possible to minimize reliance on outside services!

  • PERIODICAL TECHNOLOGY UPDATES to help you leverage new hardware and software to add to your bottom line, increase profits, reduce expenses and serve your customers better.

Our aim is to design and maintain a safe, secure and efficient computing environment for your company where you will quickly realize a return on your investment and help expand your business. 

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