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Web Design

LEADER Computer Web Design Services will propel your company to to make the most of the WEB. Click on any heading to see more information.

   Advertising Costs
    Multimedia Presentation
    Direct Marketing
    Up-to-date Information
    Corporate Appearance
    Market Size


    Load Time
    Presence & Strategy
    Prepare Your Site for Maximum Exposure
    Optimizing for Search Engines

Why advertise on the Internet

Why The Web? Why should I be on the Web? What can the Web do for my company?

Web. For many companies, especially small businesses, venturing out onto the web may seem unnecessary, impossible, or simply unaffordable.

We will explain to you how easy advertising on the web really is. And why you can't afford to miss out on this great advertising medium, no matter how large or small your business is.

  • Advertising Costs
    It is far less expensive to provide information on the World Wide Web than to print and distribute (and redistribute) information by mail or other typical advertising. Think about it. Many companies pay thousands of dollars each month to advertise on TV, radio, and print ads. And then have to pay over and over again to keep the ad running. Each ad is extremely expensive, and is limited in the amount of customers it attracts depending on the range or distribution of the medium. But on the World Wide Web, your web site is your companies TV commercial 24 hours a day, everyday. Period. It reaches the entire world. And most of all, it will only cost a few dollars a day to keep it running.

  • Multimedia Presentation
    Web advertising allows you to incorporate rich text, full-color graphics, audio, and even video, all in one place. Consumers can read about your company, view your products, send you e-mail inquiries, and place on-line orders without ever having to leave the comfort of their home or office.

  • Direct Marketing
    The World Wide Web is a direct market environment. Consumers accessing the Internet use search engines to look for companies supplying specific products or services. By placing your "business card" on the Web, you are making it easy for interested customers to find you.

  • Up-to-date Information
    The dynamic nature of the World Wide Web allows you to provide up-to-date information in a timely fashion. (Are you running a special promotion this week? Has your price list changed? Have you added a new product or service recently?) In minutes, your web site can be updated to reflect this new information. The changes will be visible to everyone immediately.

  • Corporate Appearance
    On the Internet, your web site is your corporate headquarters. An impressive, well-designed site can allow you to "level the playing field" with larger, competing companies.

  • Market Size
    Not only is the Internet market constantly growing, but its rate of growth is also increasing dramatically.

Other WEB usage in addition to advertising

  • Forms
    Web site use forms to collect information. Many businesses find forms useful to sell products over the web. The customers can fill out the form at their computers, and by including credit card information, can successfully buy your products over the Internet without ever leaving their home or office. Forms can be used for just about any purpose you can think of when you need to collect information.

  • Databases
    Some web sites contain incredible amounts of data that would not be processed correctly by simple html coding. Others have information that may be changing constantly, even as often as every few minutes. Databases make it possible to post all the information you require on your site and to update it in real time as often as necessary. By connecting your site to a database, your customers will have access to all the information you want them to.

  • Email
    Probably the most widely used benefit of the Internet, email allows you to send text messages or other files over the Internet to remote computers.

Our Secrets to WEB Design

Our secrets to web design are actually the simplest parts to understand. But most web site developers overlook these. Using WEB technical details and design principles will allow us to make your site that much better.

  • Presentation
    Striking yet not overly flashy.
    Easy to say but needs years of graphic design training, experience and simple good taste.

  • Load Time
    How quickly do pages emerge?
    You'll probably want graphics on your web site, but most developers don't take into account the fact that large graphics take a long time to download over the web. In developing images for the World Wide Web, it's very important to make file sizes as small as possible so that pages download quickly. But too many developers sacrifice picture quality for small file size. At LEADER Computer, we make sure your pages download quickly, but we also make sure they're worth downloading in the first place.
    Q: So why don't most webmasters do this?
    A: Because it's time consuming and hard work to get right.
    Remember on the Web, every K counts!

  • Navigation
    Move around with speed and ease
    . The real secret and true magic of the internet is its easy navigation. Instantly navigate to other pages or sites by clicking on underlined words or descriptive images. Information retrieval is instant, and memory retention increased. It's so natural it becomes unconscious. So what's so hard about that? Well, if you want people to visit your site over and over again, you'll have to set up a navigation system they can understand. You don't need a site tour like this site, but you will need to set up links in a logical order. Little things make the difference between a site that's used and a site that's just there.

  • Presence & Strategy
    The World Wide Web is Exploding as a Communications Medium. Not only is the technology growing and changing, but the number of people using and publishing on the web is expanding at incredible rates. As the Web expands, it is critical that your Web site stands out. It should be linked in high-traffic locations so it can be easily found. As a result of the exploding growth on the Web, new directories, search resources, and other listing sites are being added daily. It is vital that this growth be addressed in your online promotional plan.
  • Prepare Your Site for Maximum Exposure
    Before you tell the world to rush to your site - make sure it's ready! This is not something to be casually underestimated, as it so often is. There are several issues to consider, e.g.
    • Is your site attractive and interesting ?
    • Can people find their way around in it ?
    • Is it viewable on only a small number of platforms ?
    • Would you come back to this site?
    • Loading speed: Small graphics, use of height/width attributes on images, intelligent use of thumbnails where appropriate.
    • User interface design: Readable color/background combinations, appropriate paragraph sizes, consistent navigation buttons, etc.
    • Appropriate use of structural markup: Headers used as real section markers and not for font scaling; links are integrated into text flow (no 'click here'!!), good use of lists vs. in-text enumeration.
    • Support for text-mode browsing: Alt attributes on all images, navigation possible without image map access, content all present as text.
    • You also need to be aware that not only people, but also 'robots' (e.g. from search engines) may visit your site. You can optimize for them too. In particular, you can use the META tag to specify descriptions, keywords, author, etc.
  • Optimizing for Search Engines
    One of our specialties, when we set up your account we will send you our list of tricks of the trade as to how to prepare your site for the maximum hits possible. To give you some idea, below is an excerpt of the guidelines you will be receiving to maximize your exposure by the search engines.
    • There's no silver bullet in getting a page to appear at the top of every search engines' listings. In general, any page is competing with several hundreds or thousands of others for the same audience. You can only 'beat' the others by offering something unique, and reflecting that in your choice of keywords.
    • Several make use of the META tag in addition to analyzing the text of your web pages.
    • Select your title with extreme care. This is what the web will know your site or page as. It's worth a lot of effort. Normally the first heading (H1) will be the same as the title. The title should contain your most important keywords. If someone searches for say 'web development tips' and a search engine returns several pages, one of which is titled Web Development Tips, then they'll probably visit that one first. Don't add extraneous text and keywords to the title.
    • These and many more tips will be discussed with you to help a page to gain more attention while remaining relevant to the product/service provided.

An Online Promotional Plan that WORKS!

LEADER Computer Web Design can help you with your online promotional plan. We cannot stress enough how important exposure is. A good Web site is worth having only if it'll be seen by a large audience. That is why we've come up with a strategy on how to promote your site effectively on the Web.

  • Register with Search Engine Sites
    LEADER Computer will list your site on the most popular search engines. Listing on search engines requires a lot of time and effort. LEADER Computer has already done the research to find the most effective and widely used search engines available so that you don't have to do all the legwork. LEADER Computer also uses appropriate keywords and descriptions that best describe your business.
  • Maximize the number of hits on your site
    LEADER Computer Web Design usually achieves to at least double or triple the number of hits sites on your Web site. Through years of Internet experience, we've found the best ways to promote your site. Each facet in marketing Web sites online should be done with one thing in mind: to get results. What kind of results? Well, results can be measured in many ways. Most people measure the effectiveness of their site by the number of "hits" or people who visit their site. One way to guarantee more hits is to list your Web site with the major search engines.
  • A smart promotional plan is vital to the life of your Web site
    Call LEADER Computer Web Design to see how you can increase the effectiveness of your site. Our marketing specialists work closely with clients to give them a personal online promotional plan that works!

Web Space Leasing

At LEADER Computer Web Design, we offer a variety of services and support arrangements; each usually has a one-time setup fee and then a nominal monthly cost. For companies seeking to integrate product databases into the WWW, we offer special package arrangements. These accounts are designed to host a single presence, and non-paid support is limited to sales and emergency operational assistance. That is, technical consultation is available as you require it, on an hourly fee basis.

  • Corporate Site Design / Marketing
    Please contact us for details on special needs, graphical image development, domain name registration, HTML document preparation, etc. LEADER Computer Web Design can contract for larger document database interfaces and special environments.
  • Domain Reservation NOW!
    Why now?
    Currently, Internet Domain Names are being gobbled up at the rate of approximately 37,000 per day! If you don't reserve your domain name now, you risk losing it forever. Your Domain Name is your company's identity on the Internet. So if you don't register your Domain Name of choice today, then there's a good chance that someone else will. Call us and we will tell you the cost of parking your domain name.

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