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Maintenance and Support

Our philosophy at Leader Computer is to give our clients the most cost effective support solutions and tools. We want to save our clients money by using cutting edge technology and set them up with our remote support tools. Contrary to most our competitors we rather don't have to make an expensive on-site repair repair call. How do we achieve that?

Remote support and maintenance setup

  • Remote monitoring maintenance plans for Servers
  • Setup Remote access and periodically apply security and other operating system patches and updates as they become available
  • Setup automatic reports sent to your IT Department and to Leader Computer for:
    • Backup
    • Antivirus
    • Firewall
    • UPS
    • Server health reports with important logs attached
  • Setup Remote support
    • For Servers
    • For Client Stations
  • Expert and renowned telephone troubleshooting and support

Other maintenance and support features

  • Automatic Backup rotational routines and Off site backup routines
  • Automatic Antivirus definitions downloads and propagation thru all client units
  • Automatic maintenance routines for performance and other issues

Maintenance Plans

  • Maintenance plans for hardware
  • Remote monitoring maintenance plans for Servers and all services
  • Remote updates of security and other operating system patches
  • 24x7 Support Plan

Advantages of LEADER Support

  • All telephone support issues time and date stamped and concluded with follow-up calls
  • All customer units necessary information available to all our support staff 24x7
  • All On-Site work at customers' premises documented step by step by and by time
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