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“In the years I have worked for the.. ..we have had 3-4 different computer service companies here to service the computers. None have been as prompt, as courteous, and as thorough. Technician… (ed) is the consummate professional and generous with his expertise by sharing “tips” on how I can more efficiently utilize the operations of Windows XP, and thoroughly explaining what he is doing and why. He gives 100% service by using “waiting time” when loading a new program to work on another unit or to explain a process to me. Thank you again. Truly your company is well named, because in my book you are definitely a “LEADER” in every sense of the word.”
LT, Manager, S. Estate

"It was amazing why no-one else had recommended Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 since it only cost a few hundred dollars more, but contained thousands of dollars of components that have come in so useful in enhancing our productivity, better patient satisfaction and providing security for our network."
CD, C.D., M.D., F.A.A.C.E.

"Leader Computer continues to exceed my expectations when it comes to providing technical as well as business solutions to both my immediate and long term system infrastructure goals. I value tremendously this WIN/WIN business relationship between our two companies, and needless to say, strongly recommend Leader Computer to all businesses who desire quality, reliable, trustworthy, and long-lasting computer services."
DT, President, PI, Inc.

"We had serious problems with our system causing us much concern with our customers.. ..we got a lot of talk and less cooperation from our prior consultants and their knowledge of the system was lacking at best.. ..Your work during the recent holiday weekend only proved and substantiated what you, in fact, stated you would do for our company."
RT, President, PEGS, LLC

"Through careful evaluation of our system and assessment of our needs, delivered far more than we had originally planned.."
BO, President, MDS, Inc.

"I take this opportunity to commend Leader Computer for the computer support offered at a time of substantial crisis.."
RAR, RRR, Inc.

"Your firm has been prompt in addressing any problems that arose, and has assisted us in resolving the problems in a timely and efficient manner.."
RCB Jr., Ph.D., President, US Company

"Beta Manufacturing, Inc. is totally satisfied and would recommend Leader Computer, Inc. to anyone.."
AM, CEO, Beta Division, NAI Co., Inc.

"After having numerous problems with other consultants for months, Leader fixed our problems in just a few visits.. ..We highly recommend Leader Computer.."
MM, Controller, L. J. WD, Inc.

"The counseling and services of Leader are of the highest quality and experience.."
CWM, M and C, Inc.

"With your all day and night friendly availability I have found that on the very rare times when a problem arises it is not a problem since you are there.."

"Through your patience and skills you have moved us from a bewildered start to a pleasant consciousness .."
TWP, Jr., M.D., M. Ed.

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