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One of the most ignored or overlooked topics, but one that will give you a huge ROI. We are experts on most main stream software packages. We can make a big difference in the efficiency of your staff by training them on the actual programs that they are using.

Try this as a sample time saving tip; did you (and all your staff) know that in Microsoft Windows environment there are keyboard shortcuts for most common commands such as;

  • To open START Menu: Windows Logo (WinLogo: the key with the Microsoft Flag)

  • To close a program use; Alt-F4

  • To switch from one open program to another; Alt-TAB

  • To save files; Ctrl-S

  • To Print; Ctrl-P

  • To open a file; Ctrl-O

  • To start Windows Explorer: WinLogo-E

  • To search for files, etc; WinLogo-F

  • To do Start Run: WinLogo-R

  • There are many more shortcuts to add to this list

  • Then think about many more for some other programs you are using

  • Then add the customized procedures we can create after studying your business procedures...


  • Could you give a dollar value for all the time saved if all your staff knew all these shortcuts for every program they are using in a year's time?

  • Could you give a dollar value that your staff will have as a feeling of being appreciated when they realize they can do much more in any given day, because the management showed they cared for their efficiency?

  • Bottom line; with a small investment a tremendous RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT and the unexpected BENEFIT of APPRECIATED AND THANKFUL EMPLOYEES.

  • These are the consistent results we have been attaining, let us do the same for your company!

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